The national competition was sponsored by the Municipality of Jesi to raise awareness among professionals in search of bio-compatible solutions for the construction of low cost condominiums. The proposal aims to mediate the requirement of low cost with the need to offer functional and comfortable apartments. More blocks are arranged under a common roof in which all plants are arranged, easily accessible by maintenance personnel. The building, articulated freely under the big roof, loses rigidity composition of condos and offers a more comfortable and serene feel. On the south side are the greenhouses that bring solar heat gain to the apartments behind, contributing to energy savings and increased comfort. The project has qualified in eleventh place and has been published by national magazines as interesting bioecological example.

1999 National competition to design a residential building with bio-ecological technologies. Jesi - AN

Team Leader:

Arch. Luca Fattambrini,  Pianiga - VE


Arch. Guglielmo Botter, Treviso

Arch. Alessandro Trevisan, Martellago - VE

Arch. Michele Cassibba, Martellago - VE

Arch. Martina Peloso, Preganziol - TV

Project was ranked 11th overall

Published on “Report Casa Natura” n. 3

April-August 2000