The new University compless is the occasion to emphasise the Sarajevo new role of political and cultural City.

The design process started from the idea of a slab which contains almost all the functions concerning the university and most of other activities as social activities (cinema, auditorium, theater, shops, indoor-sports, swimmingpool, play fields, restaurants, clubs, discoteques, etc.), and the existing buildings that must be maintened.

The slab is an organic architecture that does not let distinguish the singol function by a clear building tipology and at the same time is a sort of memorial of the war that should be a kind of monition.

Two governor grids are derived from the two urban parts insisting on the area object of the competition: the Eastern part has historical settlements, the Western one has contemporary isolated buildings. The competition area insists where the two grids cross themselves; the building complex is designed to express this transition post.

Together with the two grids, other North-South oriented axes gives the right to have transversal-cross-connections.

VIABILITY, Outside VS Inside

The new roads designed in the given plan and the existing infrastructures are confirmed.

There will be a clear distinguish between motorvehicles viability and bicicle-pedestrian viability.


The accesses to both areas C and C1 will be denied to all motorvehicles, these will be able to reach the perimetral parking slots.

The before mentioned slab can be devided in two long-shaped parts.

The North part becomes a sort of artificial ground surface on which the student and private luxory houses will be located, all with their own garden.

Square and clrcle wells cutted into the slab will individuate courtyards.

The rectangular long shaped park present in the given plan will be confirmed with a wide and also rectangular new park that takes to the wide glass entrance hall located in the heart of the site.

A park will also  be located on the southern part were the modern art museum and the three embassies will take place. To be mentioned, considering the very hard Sarajevo winter, the diffuse presence of winter gardens which offers confortable sites to stay and rest into, one of these will include a botanical garden.


There’re two tipes of paths inside the area: paths laying on the two, before mentioned, governor grids, paths crossing all the site and connecting the hills to the river and, of course, to all the elements in between.

Above the two slabs the new bus station will be located, together whith a parking on the roof, a shopping center, and three tower buildings.

The shopping center is designed like a “bridge building” that connects the bus station to the north slab.


In this  area the three embassies and the modern art museum will thake place.  The museum is designed like a two floor long

2000 Sarajevo - Bosnja Erzegovina - International Urban Competition - Zone C & C1 Marijin Dvor

Team Leader:

Arch. Guglielmo Botter, Treviso

Project published in the official catalog published by the Institute for Planning and Reconstruction of the Canton Sarajevo - Bosnia-Herzegovina