The residential units are located at distances calculated to allow the necessary privacy for each family, however, are, all together, an urban neighborhood that allows a life that can enhance the residential quality and offer better opportunities for coexistence between citizens.

The houses are surrounded by gardens and well isolated from each other but in a continuous green area. The essences of local origin are so arranged as to permit the passage of summer breezes and create a series of passages, or corridors for vegetation through the houses.

The whole area is crisscrossed with biking and walking trails to become ubiquitous. The vehicular traffic, limited speed, is allowed for residents only. For the different paths are provided for colors and finishes appropriate to the different types of users. In many places, masked by the green, there are parking and camping areas for the collection.

The greenhouses are arranged in environments such as corridors, the corridors or other rooms of service oriented to the south Each greenhouse is covered and isolated on the horizontal surface so as to be more protected during the summer and have a quantity of window or door openable and provided with openings for aeration allow for ventilation inside the compartment.

The guidelines of the tires and their inclination are suitable for installation of solar panels for the production of hot water for sanitary use. The verification procedure have analyzed the development of shadows on the surface of the roof, the position of the flues, accessibility for maintenance and location of the accumulator and the type of home heating. Average per capita must be 1 square meter of surface area and a quantity of water equal to about 50 liters (person/day). The plant is expected to lubrication with the collector in its own right, localized reservoir, fluid and antifreeze circulating pump activated by a regulator.

The downspouts are connected to underground tanks to return water used for external cleaning and garden irrigation. Through a network dual meteoric water thus treated can be retrieved even for washing and flushing.

The indoor air of homes is renewed and freed from toxic fumes emitted from carpets and furniture and moisture produced by the inhabitants (12 liters of water per day, for a family of 4 persons) through the openings and vents located on frames and mechanically controlled.

2004 1st Recam Prize for innovation, Montebelluna - TV

Team Leader:

Arch. Guglielmo Botter, Treviso


Arch. Alejandro Sala, Argentina

Consultant for bioarchitecture:

Arch. Luca Fattambrini, Pianiga - PD

Project was awarded 1st prize during the Recam Fair with motivation: “Master plan for a innovative neighborhood”.