A modular structure of pillars and septa in reinforced concrete, built by the Lima Municipality represents the urban form of the project, and can be developed in almost any part of the city. In the contest area 12 small apartments of 40-42 square meters each, inserted into the structure as drawers, could grow in size in different time as need like a domino till 4 bedrooms each. In this manner the buildings’ prospects can grow and vibrate with the changing of form, size and materials of the appartments. The initial materials, proposed by the Municipality, can cost very little but in the future can be elaborated by the owner with much precius materials. The internal space between the two buildings is a meter and an half higer than the street level to prevent periodical floods by rainstorms and, also, to provide an easyer entrance to the appartements. This internal space (area central de la manzana) differently can be used for playground, parking places, plaza and small park. The ground level can be adapted for garages, stores, retail shops, offices, storages etc...

2006 Arkinka de Vivenda, Lima - Perù

Team Leader:

Arch. Guglielmo Botter, Treviso


Arch. Alessandro Tirri, Treviso