The project aims to restore the Church of St. John the Baptist and the new building as a central attraction for the whole community. In this sense, the reorganization of the urban vacuum on Garibaldi Avenue leads to the configuration of a new town square in the form of renewed South entrance of the city, meeting place and gathering like the twin Piazza Duomo. According to this logic we, as a suggestion only, are including some areas than solutions limit competition, while concentrating on the proposal within the established room. The demolition of the buildings near the church becomes functional to the idea of ​​reorganization, freeing up the front of church building, now visible - because of its symbolic significance - from a broader perspective, recovering a key element which the churchyard. Only one ground sign identifies the sediment of the older building artifacts in memory of a past morphologically not yet very far. One of these signs becomes a multi-purpose room window which concludes the fifth of the new square between the Church and the kindergarten.The Community Hall stands on the first floor of the new building, freeing the space below the maximum visual permeability and function: here we find the entrance hall, the local bar and a small multipurpose room (Caritas use ...?). The space outside the square and paths, with their system of relationships, enter into giving shape and character of the building, making a renewed piece of city. The room is divided in a plane stalls very flexible. 180 seats are stored here that disappear in the ceiling of the floor in case of a different use of space (shows, etc ...).The room is rotated toward the front of the Church, visible - any time - as well the large windows. The gallery above fixed seats, counting another 60 seats. At each level technical spaces and toilets.

2006 Community Hall, Oderzo - TV

Team Leader:

Arch. Guglielmo Botter, Treviso


Arch. Alessandro Tirri, Treviso

Branka Sirinic, Preganziol - TV