Following participation in a postgraduate course at the University of Architecture in Venice, a group of young university graduates has been approached by a company producing modern furniture, the Bellato-Pallucco with the headquarter in Treviso. The company has requested the submission of a bed for the international exhibition in Milan in April 1992. The design team decided then to explore the theme of sleep proposing, after nearly two months of intense intellectual work, a prototype of a bed that summed up all the nuances of sleep. This resulted in a project that combines the physical part of the furniture (wooden cube) and the immaterial part represented by the inner bag. This reminds the amniotic sac, the silkwarm, the hammock, the tent, the igloo, even the pit in which the primitive cowered. The project has received great appreciation during the Milan International Fair so that several magazine have dedicated covers and articles to the shocking idea of the four young architects.

1992 Geu-Dem - innovative bed for Milan International Fair


Arch. Guglielmo Botter

Arch. Michele Crosato

Arch. Giuseppe Sica

Arch. Alessandro Tirri

Project was published on major magazine as Domus International, Der Standard Wien, Interni Magazine...

Prototype exposed at:

Milan International Furniture Fair, April 1992

Regional Furniture Expo in Verona, Sept. 92

Domus International, Milan

N. 741, September 1992

Der Standard, Wien

Plan & Wohnen supplement, April 1992