This preliminary design for an area hotel in Meolo was commissioned by real estate company Veneto Buiding. The convincing solution for the development of the area has meant that the project was also presented to RECAM prize for innovation. The jury initially awarded first prize, but the rules stated that the project should have already completed at the date of submission of the drawings. The idea behind the project is the concept of oasis which refers to the facility that is precisely the place of being surrounded by agricultural lands of the Veneto countryside, which itself becomes the theater and museum of rural life. Guests can immerse themselves in this particular experience walking in the margins of cultivated fields, enjoying the atmosphere of yesteryear. The area is dotted with small structures to entertain tourists in this crop of pristine landscape.

2005 Hospitality Center in Meolo, VE - Preliminary project

Arch. Guglielmo Botter, Treviso

Arch. Alessandro Tirri, Treviso

Project was signaled for the the convincing approach to the theme.