The project has concentrated primarily on the ground floor and the basement of the house. It was built a staircase leading to the basement allowing the use of the large space without accessing to the house. The floors of the main floor have been redone to a level slightly higher to allow for a better living in the basement that will be used for parties and play area for children. In the mezzanine floor a new bathroom is introduced in the space of the old hall, recovering valuable space.

Part of the project is the modernization of the front porch with an iron frame and glass to create cubes that seem to emerge from the volume of the house. Up the porch a terrace slides above the garden, creating a sense of movement that gives dynamism to the prospectus.

We will proceed to the rebuilding of the porch, taking the original size of 1936. The current artifact, created by "style" with columns and arches was built in 1971 following the demolition of the original one: horizontal sunshades shelter from the summer heat. The "Solar Greenhouse" is energy saving-oriented, as requested by the Regional Law

2009 M.’s House renovation