The pleasure of writing...


The sensibility of Guglielmo in describing the urban landscape trough the sign of china ink is now enhanced with a new instrument. In recent years he has "discovered" the sake of writing and tell with a simple but effective way, which belonged to his father Memi and grandfather Mario. The formative years were not easy. During the years of compulsory education he sufferd an adverse evaluation in drawing accompanied by equally poor judgment in the Italian language. During the High School, where his artistic activity was limited to the study of History of Art and then William was free to vent his instinct for drawing (winning dozens of competitions), in Italian he still trudged a lot to get decent grades.

Guglielmo continued to draw... They had to spend two decades before he wrote again, encouraged in this by the many positive reviews that somehow gave him, renewing confidence about his expressive abilitiy .

On December 12, 2012 Guglielmo introduced to the public his first book, the biography of her mother, a work that took more than three years of research and interviews, in Italy and in the United States.

Guglielmo Botter