Guglielmo Botter


I am an Italian-American citizen born on June 27th, 1966 in Treviso, Italy.

I began drawing with an ink pen when I was only 5 years old when my father brought home a rapidograph, commonly used by architects at that time, and I never stopped to use it.

From the beginning I was drawing very quickly and directly using only the “china” and have never relied on pencil and eraser in my sketches.

My favorite subject was the urban landscape and in few years I won most of the painting competitions dedicated to children of my age. My first solo exhibition, “Forty Drawings of an Eleven Year Old Boy” was held in 1977 in Treviso. The critics predicted a successful career for me, and since then, I have been collaborating with editors and authors on projects.

At the age of only 13 years, I got my most important childhood success when I was ranked first among 350,000 participants at the National Drawing Competition in Rome for my sketch of Treviso, which became an official stamp of Italian Post on November 30th, 1980. Later that year, the Municipality of Treviso, in recognition of this success, invited me to exhibit my latest drawings of Treviso alongside those of my great-grandfather, Girolamo Botter, an artist who used the same technique a hundred years before. My family is important in the art field because for three generations, since 1890, Girolamo, Mario and Memi Botter (my father), saved and restored frescoes in the region of Veneto.

I decided to follow my family’s artistic heritage in a different branch by becoming an architect and in 1993, I graduated from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura (IUAV) in Venice.

Although I continued drawing while working as an architect, also because of the new tools, such as computers and CAD, I reserved this passion only for my free time and vacations. During my travels in Europe and America I was in the habit of taking my sketchbook with me and capturing my pictures of the most beautiful places I happened to visit.

After drawing my hometown for decades, in 1997, I decided to sketch it from a bird’s eye view. In those last years of the Millennium there was still no Google Map, so to understand the city’s shape from above, I had to climb the towers of the churches to take pictures and make sketches. No one had attempted to draw the city with a view of such complexity since 1813. After three and a half months of challenging work, the perspective map of Treviso was ready and introduced to the Press on November 30th.

From 2002 to 2004 I was a Teaching Assistant at the University of Architecture (Architectural Design Course 1, Prof. Arch.Claudio Panerari) and from 2006 to 2008, Professor of Techniques of Drawings and Surveying at the International University of Art at the Giudecca Island, Venice.

As a result of the economic crisis in Italy, I have rediscovered the pleasure of drawing, and that has now replaced my previous employment. My drawing skill has become my profession and now I am working in the United States of America where my art has been well-received.

In 2012 I decided to return to the U.S. where my mother, who was a painter, lived in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I found the right place to continue my career in the field of art.

On January 2013 I exhibited for the first time in the United States at GalleriE-Chiz in Shadyside, a prominent gallery in the city.

In my drawings of the “Steel City” I combine the Italian aesthetic background with a family history rooted in the U.S. to envision the American urban landscape. I like the contrast between modern and historic buildings, and my signature style in black and white helps to blend the details of the contemporary era.

My drawings and my story have been featured often on local and national magazines and my first sketches of Pittsburgh were published on the cover of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Early in 2014, I was selected as Special Recognition Artist by Light Space & Time Online Gallery (Jupiter, FL) for the “City Scape 2014” International Online Art Exhibition and on June I was Finalist at the “Richeson 75 International” in Kimberly, WI where I exhibited in the Jack Richeson School of Art and Gallery. In August, I participated in a group show at the Fowler-Kellogg Art Center at the Chautauqua Insitution in Chautauqua, NY and in a solo show at The Old Village’s Museum in West Overton, Pa.

On December 7th the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) in Washington, DC, named me as one of their “Italian-A-Day” honorees for my recent art activity and success in the US.

On April 2015, I was selected again as “Special Recognition” Artist by Light Space & Time Online Gallery (Jupiter, FL) for the “City Scape 2015” International Online Art Exhibition, this time for a drawing of my hometown Treviso.

After 4 years sketching architectures in Pittsburgh, I decided to expand my interest to other cities, starting in summer 2015 with Richmond, the Capital of Virginia. The Virginia Fine Arts Museum’s gift shop was the first to sell my  artwork of the city in form of postcards and prints. Other shops, galleries and hotels were added soon.

From September 4th, to October 2nd, 2015, the Brezier Gallery (1616 W. Main Street, Richmond), exhibited my original drawings of Richmond.

Given the good results of previous years, in Spring 2016 I participated again at the International Art Competition on the theme "Cityscapes" (urban landscape) organized by the Virtual Gallery "Light Space and Time". With a view of Pittsburgh I was ranked in the Special Merit Artists category, that, for the quality of the work could have accessed to the top category, one of the top 10!

In July, I have been ranked on the 3rd place in the category "Drawing" at the regional competition "Art in the Riverwalk" in New Castle, PA - Hoyt's Museum of Art.

Over the summer that I spent in the US, I added Norfolk, VA to the cities portrayed by my ink drawings.

Participant at the 6th edition of "pencils in transit" Spazio Candiani, Mestre VE.

Selected in November as an "invited artist" at the 17th edition of the international collective exhibition "Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage", Clermont-Ferrand - France.

In December I received a "Honorable Mention" at the online International Competition "Black and White Fine Art and Photography" from the Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

From January 25th to February 11th 2017 two of my works have been selected and exhibited at the collective art exhibition "Torino European Capital of Tourism 2017", MIIT Museum, Turin.

On February 1st I have been re-awarded in the category "Special Merit Artist" from the virtual gallery "Light Space and Time" Jupiter, FL at the 7th edition of "Cityscapes" with "Pittsburgh: Andy Warhol Bridge" sketch.

Invited as “artist in residence” I exhibited for the first time in Germany at the Rathaus Gallery in Burghausen, from March 31st to April 25th.

“Honorable Mention”: on June 1st the Jury of the Fusion Art’s 2nd Annual "Cityscapes" International Online Juried Art Competition has awarded my design “Pittsburgh, PA: Andy Warhol Bridge” among the many finalists who came to the concluding stage of the competition (Palm Spring, CA).

Invited and hosted as “artist in residence” in Columbus, Indiana for ten days, I conducted some classroom visits and workshops. Finally I opened my solo show “View from Treviso, drawings of Columbus, IN” at the 506 Gallery at the Columbus Area Visitors Center: 26 sketches depicted the most important Architectures and many of the temporary Installations built for Exhbit Columbus 2017. The Republic featured my work on the cover on November 17.

At the same time another exhibit was on display at the Krempp Gallery in Jasper, south of Indiana, as a resoult of a internetional “Call for artists” and selection. The local newspapers The Herald and The Frederick published some articles.

On December 1st the Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery from Newkirk, Oklahoma, prized my sketch of the atrium of the West Baden Spring Hotel, French Lick - IN, with a “Honorable Mention” at the International Art Contest “Landscape, Cityscape and Interiors”. The Hotel started to sell my prints at the Book Store.

In January 2018 I was awarded Fourth Place at the International Art Contest ALLPaintings from the Contemporary Art Gallery in Annapolis, MD for the sketch “Pittsburgh, PA: Liberty Avenue from 7th Street”.

In February I received an “Honorable Mention” in the Painting Category at the 8th International Art Competition “Cityscapes” ("Light Space and Time" Jupiter, FL) for the drawing “Pittsburgh: the Benedum-Trees Building”.

In the same contest I was awarded also Special Merit Artist in the overall category for the sketch of “Mellon Square in Pittsburgh”.

In March another importabt recognition by the Contemporary Art gallery in Annapolis, MD for the drawing “Harrisburg, PA: South Second Street”. The “Judges Choice” is the most important award collected in recent years. The theme of the competition, Allcityscapes, is the one that best suits my style and my work. Four art exhibitions held in the United States during the summer: in Norfolk, VA at the Percolator Space and the Slover Library from 20 July to 19 August; in Lancaster, PA at the City Hall Art Gallery from August 3rd to September 30th; in Harrisburg, PA at the Harrisburg Art Association Gallery from August 3rd to October 19th; and finally in New Castle, PA at the Penn State University Art Gallery from 1 to 28 August.

On June 28th I participated in the 7th edition of “Paint the town”, a day dedicated to plein air in Lexington, capital of Kentuky. The result was an interesting collective exhibition that closed its doors on August 15th.

In October, a further Honorable Mention at the International Competition entitled “Landscape, Cityscapes & Interiors” from the Bauhaus Prairie Art gallery for the Pittsburgh design “View from atop the Benedum-Trees Building”.

In December, the Burghauser Werbering (Bayern-Germany) chose my design of the Burghausen Castle to decorate 2000 tote bags to be raffled during the winter thanksgiving campaign to reward the loyalty of the inhabitants towards local  businesses.

In January 2019 I was awarded SM (Special Merit Artist) by “Light Space & Time” Online Gallery (Jupiter, Florida) at the 9th edition of the Online International Contest “Cityscapes”, with a drawing of the skyline of Harrisburg. PA.

A Second Place arrived in February from the Contemporary Art Gallery Online for the “All Painting/Drawing Competition”, Annapolis, MD with the sketch of Washington DC “The Old Post Office Building”, now the Trump International Hotel.

Still in February the Indianapolis design “Artsgarden on Washington Street” was selected among the 60 most deserving of 443 participants in the “Street Scenes” International Competition from the Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD.

In March I was selected by the jury of the Ivy Tech John Waldron Art Center in Bloomington, IN, and invited to exhibit in August 2020.

March 26-May 3: “Altötting aus der Federspitze”, Solo exhibit at the Rathaus Galerie in Altötting, Bavaria- Germany.

In June 2019 I was honored with the 4th Place at the “4th Annual Cityscape” int. Contest by the Fusion Art Gallery, based in Palm Spring, CA.

On June 2nd, the Italian Consulate invited me to show my artwork at the Italian Republic Day Cerimony held at Historisches Kaufhaus in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

From 1 August to 3 September, I displayed my work of Lancaster, PA at the local City Visitor Center art Gallery.

In November the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardensin Pittsburgh commisioned a “limited edition” package of postcards with 8 views of its facility.


In the first days of January 2020, I received a great 2nd Place Award from the J.Mane Gallery, NJ, at the International “Urban Landscapes 2020” Competition for my drawing of Pittsburgh: “Allegheny County Courthouse and Old Jail”.

In February the Contemporary Art Gallery On-line, Annapolis, MD, honored me with a 4th Place at the International “All Painting” Award. The same month I was ranked one of the TOP 20 Shortlist Artists worldwide by the Boynes Emerging Artist Award, Melbourne, Australia.

On April 16th the weekly newspaper “L’Italo-americano”, Los Angeles - CA, featured my work and my experience in the United States in a full page article.

In June an Honorable Mention arrived from the Art Room Gallery for the international Contest “City”. In October I was ranked 5th place at the “ALL Water/Seascape” by Contemporary On-Line Gallery, Annapolis, MD.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic emergency I had to canceled all my exhibitions but one, in Washington DC, where my drawing of the Old Post Office Building was selected for an international juried group show “The District” at the Art-Enables Art Gallery (July).

Finalist at the “Richeson 75 International”, Richeson School of Art and Gallery. Kimberly, WI.

2021 started with a good news, my drawing of Treviso “Piazza San Parisio” got an Honorable Mention at the “Black & White” International Award held by the Art Room Gallery.

In February, awarded SM (Special Merit Artist) by “Light Space & Time” Online Gallery (Palm Springs, CA) at the 11th edition of the Online International Contest “Cityscapes”, with a drawing of the skyline of Altötting, Germany.

Still in February the Contemporary Art Gallery On-line, Annapolis, MD, honored me with a 4th Place at the International “All Painting” Award with the drawing “Ellicott City, MD, a tiny American Town”.

More, Guglielmo was finalist at “The Painted Moment” International Online Exhibition by The Art Guilt Gallery of Port Washington, Long Island - NY.

Still in February, an Honorable Mention at the International Juried Art Competition “2nd Landscapes”, by the Art Show International, Los Angeles, CA.

Honorable Mention at the International Competition “OPEN” promoted by the Helvetart Gallery Online, Switzerland.

March: Honorable Mention from the Art Room Gallery, International Exhibition “OPEN

April: 5th Place at the International Competition “ALL Cityscape”, Contemporary Art Gallery On-line, Annapolis, MD.

From 16 to 23 of April, “Artist in Residence” at the Belgrade Art Studio,      Belgrade - Republic of Serbia with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade.

May: Honorable Mention at the International Art Competition “Anything”, Gallery Ring.

From 5 to 12 May, “Artist in Residence” at Arte Studio Ginestrelle”; Assisi - Italy.

Honorable Mention at the International Competition “City”, Art Room Gallery.

June: “Winner” al the International Competition “ALL Landscape”, Contemporary Art Gallery On-line, Annapolis, MD.

September: “Honorable Mention” at the International Art Competition “The artist’s choice”, Grey Cube Gallery Online, for the drawing “Downtown Belgrade”.

22-26 September: “Assisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition2021”, Art Gallery Le Logge, Piazza del Comune - Assisi.

28 September: “Silver Award” at the International Art Award “Black and White”, Camel Back Gallery, Scottsdale, AR - USA, for the drawing “Downtown Belgrade”.

October: “Crystal Award” at the International Art Competition “OPEN”, Gallery Ring, for the drawing “Belgrade/ Ministry of Defense”.

20 October - 19 November: “Belgrado in punta di penna”, solo art show at the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade.

December: “Honorable Mention”, International Art Award “Painting and photography”, Grey Cube Gallery online, for two drawings of Belgrade.

2022 January 1, a drawing of Assisi, Italy received a Talent Prize Award at the 4th “Landscape” International Contest, promoted by Art Show International Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

February: the artist is the most voted by the public at the International Group Exhibition “Scenic 2021”, promoted by the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Ontario - Canada, with over 3000 preferences. He receives the prestigious “Public Choice Award”.

March: “Honorable Mention” at the “OPEN” International Competition, Grey Cube Gallery Online, for the design “Assisi, Italy”.

April: “Sapphire Award” (second place) at the “ANYTHING” International Competition for the design “Belgrade. Rudo, the eastern gate of the city”, Gallery Ring, USA.

May: Honorable Mention from the Art Room Gallery, International Exhibition “CITY”

“Bronze Award” at the International Art Award “Artist Invitational 2022”, Camel Back Gallery, Scottsdale, AR - USA, for the drawing “Belgrade, Republic of Serbia: Ministry of Defense”.

August: “Honorable Mention” at the 5th “OPEN” International Competition, Art Show International Gallery, for the designs “Assisi, Italy” and “Belgrade: House Complex Block 23”.

September: “Crystal Award” at the International Contest “OPEN” promoted by Gallery Ring, USA for the design “Belgrade: Social Housing Block 23”

2023 In February, a drawing of Assisi, “Piazza Santa Chiara e Rocca Maggiore”, received an “Honorable Mention” at the 6th International Competition “OPEN”, promoted by Art Room Gallery.

March, artist is awarded between the Best 20 at the 13th International Competition “Cityscapes” Concorso Internazionale “13th Cityscapes”, Light Space & Time Gallery Online (Palm Springs, California) receiving a prestgious “Honorable Mention”.

The drawing of Assisi, “Piazza Santa Chiara e Rocca Maggiore”, received a “Bronze Award” at the 10th International Competition “Black and White”, promoted by Camelback Gallery.

“Award of Excellence” at the Art Masters March 2023 International Contest, sponsored by for the drawing: “Belgrade, Serbia: Ministry of Defence”.


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